8th Texas Cavalry Co. B

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  Welcome to the web site of the 8th Regiment of Texas Cavalry Company B. The 8th Texas Cavalry was also known as Terry's Texas Rangers. Our primary focus is the accurate portrayal of the cavalry  during the Civil War period.

     We participate in battle re-enactments, drills, living history, classroom lectures, parades, encampments and much much more. Our goal is the preservation of the tradition and legacy of the Horse Soldier, primarily during the Civil War but with some attention to other periods as well. Though the name implies a "Texas Cavalry" impression, emphasis is on the cavalry of the period as our secondary impression is that of First Texas US Cavalry. We do mounted, and dis-mounted impressions. We participate in events and drill, the 8th Texas Cavalry Company B  enjoys the camaraderie of friendship and mutual respect that a "Gentlemanís Cavalier" would have enjoyed of the period. We encourage the development of character traits of moral courage, loyalty, honesty and camaraderie. The 8th Texas Cavalry Company B is as at home fighting and encamping with the Union as it is with the Confederacy at Local, State and National events. Our goal is to accurately depict the life and times of the cavalry. Our encampments strive to be as accurate to history as possible with great attention to details. Safety and respect for ourselves and horses are paramount in our approach to drill and training. With the development of a standard operating procedure each new recruit is shown what is required and expected as the trooper begins to know and come to love this fascinating hobby. The members of Co. B come from many walks of life, and they all have many things in common. Further, we strive to provide the atmosphere which encourages "family participation" and enjoyment in a Christian atmosphere.

150th Shiloh Battle reenactment

150th Chickamauga Battle Reenactment

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Policy Statement
This website, and the members of the 8th Texas Cavalry Company B.  Do Not promote, encourage, or condone ethnic, racial, religious or sectional animosity, or stereotyping nor do we support or promote any group which does, and we have no modern political agenda or status.




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